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Serenity’s customized, professional treatments offer unparalleled results treating specific skin conditions.


Four-Layer Facelift  treatment: skin rejuvenation
skin type: all 

A revolutionary treatment performed in four layers that will change the image of your skin in one application. Vitamin C, glycolic acid and highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover, improve texture and brighten and tighten skin. 

Level 1 $90


Microdermabrasion treatment: fine lines, age spots, scars, pigmentation
skin type: all 

An aggressive exfoliation that removes the top layer of skin to smooth fine lines, reduce acne scars, age spots and pigmentation irregularities to reveal firmer, smoother, younger skin.



Dual Micro-Peel Treatment  treatment:  advanced acne and advanced anti-aging

skin type: acne, problematic, mature 

A dual-treatment process of microdermabrasion combined with chemical resurfacing for a more advanced result for problematic skin. 



Chemical Resurfacing Treatments

A series of treatments using a chemical solution to improve the texture of the skin by removing damaged outer layers. The peels are pain free and non-invasive, providing dramatic results.

A professional, personalized skin consult is given before any treatment to assess which type and level is best suited for your skin type.  We recommend a series of 6 treatments for optimal results.


Acne Lift  

Skin type: oily, acne, problematic

Treatment: reduces and treats acne, evens complexion

Active ingredient: Salicylic/Glycolic  solution  

Level 1/Level 2            $90/$115

 **Acne Lift Treatment can also be scheduled for back and decollate areas.


Wrinkle Lift  

Skin type: mature, dry, uneven, rough complexion 

Treatment: wrinkles, evens and brightens complexion 

Active ingredient: Glycolic/Retinol solution

Level 1/Level 2            $90/$115


Lightening Lift  

Skin type: pigmentation, aging, rosacea

Treatment: sun and brown spots, evens complexion

Active ingredient: Lactic/Kojac solution 

Level 1/Level 2            $90/$115


Advanced Perfecting Lift  

Skin type: advanced aging, photodamage, acne

Treatment: wrinkles, evens and lightens complexion

Active ingredient: Salicylic/Resorcinol/Lactic solution

Level 3       $125


*All spa session times include dressing, consultation and service. 





To maintain beautiful, lasting results it is important to have a quality at-home skin care regime. Talk to our skin care professionals about customizing a regime specific for your needs.